Stevens is an urban university with few parking options. Parking for Stevens employees, therefore, is limited and costly. Employees are encouraged to commute to campus by foot, bicycle, public transit, or carpool, in lieu of driving alone. Eligible full-time employees may purchase annual parking permits, while part-time staff and adjunct faculty may purchase semester parking permits. Daily parking permits are available for $10 to eligible full-time, part-time, and adjunct employees. Eligible employees may only park in designated facilities

The following Stevens employees are eligible to apply for parking permits:

  • Employees who do not live in Hoboken.
  • Employees who live in Hoboken if they have disabilities or temporary mobility limitations (as evidenced by the possession of state-issued disability placards or wheelchair symbol license plates), and have received approval from Stevens Transportation & Parking, in consultation with Human Resources.

Employees who take classes at Stevens are considered employees, not students, for parking permit eligibility purposes.

Parking Map

The Stevens parking map shows all of the campus's parking facilities. 

Daily Parking Permits

Daily parking permits may be purchased by eligible employees for $10.  

Full-Time Employee Annual Parking Permits

Eligible full-time employees interested in obtaining annual parking permits may apply on myStevens by selecting the "Employee Parking Permit" link.

Full-time Stevens employees who are eligible for annual permits pay parking fees based on their salaries. The annual parking fees are deducted from the employees’ paychecks, pre-tax, during the year. The parking fees may be found on myStevens.

Adjunct and Part-Time Employee Semester Parking Permits

Adjunct faculty and part-time employees who are eligible for semester permits must pay a fee at the beginning of each semester and summer term they purchase a permit. Parking permit applications for adjuncts and part-time employees may be found on myStevens. Payment is made by payroll deduction. The fee is not based on salary and applies to all adjuncts and part-time employees. Each permit is good for one semester or term. More information on part-time and adjunct parking fees may be found on myStevens.

Employee parking fees are subject to increase each year.