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It is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since we proudly walked across the stage set up on campus to receive our diplomas. A lot happened to each of us and to the school that was home. But we can take this time on the occasion of our 50th Anniversary Reunion to reminisce about those four years of our lives so long ago. It is somewhat cliché, if not poetic, but “the times, they were a changing.” The Vietnam War was raging on, and was front and center in our minds, as our class was the first to experience the Draft Lottery. We were oblivious to the politics but were certain we did not want to get drafted and go to Vietnam. Some of our Freshman classmates got low draft numbers in the lottery and had to forfeit their education at Stevens to fight in Vietnam. If you are reading this, you were fortunate. Our campus was small and cozy as each day, we walked to Burchard, Morton, Kidde, or the Navy Building for classes and labs. The library was new and modern, with a huge computer in the basement. It is a miracle no one got hurt climbing down the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” to get to the ship. The smell of Maxwell House Coffee was always in the air, and the winds blowing off the Hudson River were bitterly cold during the Winter months. Now we will gather on a campus that is bigger, with new modern buildings, new and plentiful housing for a much larger student population, and plenty of places to eat or relax. The curriculum includes courses we never would have dreamed of, and 30% of the students are women. The ship is gone, the Navy Building but a memory. Do you still have your old “Stevens 73” jersey or your Slip Stick?  We cannot wait to see all our old classmates again!


Frank Vastano
[email protected]

Joe Mitro
Vice President
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Tony Callendrello
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Bruce Blondina
Fund Captain
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