B.E. Chemical Engineering

“I do see the impact Stevens has had on my career. I want to make sure the experience I had continues.”

Suzanne first fell in love with Stevens when she visited campus with a friend after her freshman year of high school. She liked the intimate setting and skyline view. She returned the summer before her senior year to spend two weeks in the ECOES program. “It was basically an engineering camp where we spent two weeks building a robot, which really got me excited about Stevens.”

When she became a student at Stevens, Suzanne tried everything she could. She began riding horses competitively with the equestrian team, and she spent all four of her years with WCPR, serving as general manager of the radio station during her last semester. Besides her chemical engineering degree, she minored in literature, and she wrote a satire column for the Stute newspaper. “Coming from a small high school, I was suddenly interacting with a lot of different types of people, and by exaggerating situations and finding some humor I could use it as a coping mechanism for adjusting to a new experience.”

Suzanne earned her doctorate in chemical and materials engineering from Princeton and now works as a Senior Scientist in Preclinical Development at Merck, where she spends several hours each week conducting laboratory research to develop parenteral formulations of novel drugs. She credits Stevens with preparing her for the job. “I can attribute two important things. The first is the work ethic you have to develop at Stevens to survive. You need to work frequently and efficiently. The second is the entrepreneurial spirit Stevens instills. With a lot of my lab work at Stevens, no one held my hand. I had to think about how I wanted to define a problem and how to solve that problem. Learning how to do that became invaluable for my graduate and professional career.”

By joining the EAS Society, Suzanne is happy to be reconnecting with Stevens. “I really fell out of contact with Stevens while in grad school, which is normal, but coming out of grad school and beginning my career, I do see the impact Stevens has had on my career. I want to make sure the experience I had continues and that Stevens graduates pick up the same values.”