B.E. Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

“I saw Stevens as an opportunity for me to grow, and I want others to have that opportunity.”

When he was a high school senior, Bruce put a twist on the standard rule his classmates were following for applying to college.

“You would apply to three colleges; first a safe school you could afford and get into. For me that was NCE (Newark College of Engineering), which later became NJIT. Then you picked one school you had a reasonably good chance of getting into but that was a stretch financially and one school you could afford but that was maybe a stretch academically. For me those other two schools were Stevens and Stevens. I was looking for a challenge and liked Stevens’ integrated approach to engineering, and with a scholarship, some loans, some help from my parents and my working during the summer, I was able to afford Stevens.”

Bruce was one of the last students to live on the SS Stevens, a World War II era attack transport ship retrofitted as a floating college dorm moored to a pier, which he remembers as a haven for extroverts who seemed to match the boat’s quite literal rocking nature. “We had this pool table, and depending on the tide you would have to shim the table’s legs, otherwise the ball would not roll straight.”

He remembers when a whole pizza from Benny Tudino’s cost only $2 and when Stevens first admitted undergraduate women, the dawn of a new era he found fully established by the time his daughter Jenna earned her Stevens degree in 2012. Bruce was also a young alumni member of the Board of Trustees.

After graduating, Bruce worked for much of his career designing and supporting the technology of financial trading floors. His signature project involved fitting 55 floors of the Bank of America building in New York City with the latest technology. He cites Stevens as making that career and his subsequent life possible.

Bruce supports Stevens so that others can stand on “The Point” as he did, envisioning life’s opportunities and having their dreams fulfilled. “I saw Stevens as an opportunity for me to grow, and I want others to have that opportunity.”