Electrical Engineering; M.S. Management; Co-Chair of the EAS Society

“I owe my success to the education I received at Stevens, and this is my way of giving back.”

Annmarie’s journey to Stevens took just a few blocks. The Hoboken native – daughter of a carpenter from Italy and a Hoboken-born mother who worked as a secretary for the board of education – grew up wanting to attend her hometown school, both because it was close and prestigious. “As a kid I always viewed Stevens as an elite school. There was even something to it being the highest elevation in Hoboken, like it was at the top in more ways than one. It was always a dream for me to study there.”

After she graduated, Annmarie joined New York Telephone, the company that would later become Verizon. She started as an engineer and now serves as Director for Network Operations. She credits Stevens with preparing her for the role. “The skills that Stevens afforded me, that it affords the majority of people graduating, are problem solving skills. Any time I’m faced with something challenging or a problem to solve, I think about how I was better educated and trained to solve those problems from a logical standpoint.”

To show her appreciation, Annmarie serves as co-chair of the Edwin A. Stevens Society and funds the Rizzo Family Excellence in Engineering Scholarship. “I believe I owe my success in my career to the education that I received at Stevens, and this is my way of giving back to the institution that helped me reach the position I’m in today. I want more students to have the career opportunities I received because I graduated from Stevens.”

Annmarie still lives in Hoboken, where she is an active volunteer for St. Ann Catholic Church. She is excited to see Hoboken and Stevens continue to strengthen each other. “Being geographically located in Hoboken is such a huge advantage for the students. For Hoboken, having an institution such as Stevens with all of its programs affords people here so many opportunities. I’m fortunate to have benefited from both sides of that special partnership.”