​The next great move for your company may be to leverage the power of a partnership with a premier research university. Discover the many ways you and your company can engage with Stevens.

Talent, Technology and Training

Rapid changes in technology and an interconnected global network of people and resources have dramatically increased the speed of business. This requires new heights of agility in your workforce and in your business strategy. You don’t have to meet these challenges alone -- Stevens has a long and successful tradition of partnering with industry for mutual benefit.

We offer the talent, technology and innovation to accelerate your business, provide solutions to technological challenges, educate and accentuate your workforce. And with special opportunities for collaboration, your company can take part in shaping the technology workforce of the future.

Learn how you can partner with Stevens Institute of Technology.

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Leverage Stevens Faculty and Research

Faculty and researchers at Stevens

Access our Expertise

Faculty and researchers at Stevens are breaking new ground with discoveries that can change the way people think, work and live. Harness the power of Stevens’ thought leaders, and bring their technology and talent to bear in your organization. You can partner with faculty and researchers, or license technology they’ve developed.

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Sponsor Student Projects

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Innovations, Customized for Your Business

Bring the power of Stevens innovation to your company by engaging a Stevens senior design project team – a cross-discipline group of the best and brightest problem-solvers available – to innovate transformative solutions to your business challenges through leading-edge approaches that recognize the context in which your business operates.

How to sponsor a project

Senior Design Sponsorship

Establish a Scholarship

The future requires top technology talent. Help that dream become a reality for a deserving student, and help increase the talent pool of problem-solvers who can address the most pressing societal and business challenges.

Carve a Pathway for Future Leaders

Stevens has seen unprecedented growth in its enrollment, its academic programs and its reputation among the nation's finest research institutions. We welcome the best and brightest students from all over the world, who become the technological innovators of tomorrow. For many of these students, a premier technology-based education would not be possible without considerable financial support. Leverage your company’s commitment to make a difference in developing the technology workforce of the future. 

Give deserving students a chance to thrive