Control System Cybersecurity

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Control System Cybersecurity Course

Course Date: TBA

Time: 8AM to 4PM (Pacific)

Format:  Online via Zoom

Instructor: Joe Weiss, PE, CISM, CRISC

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Contact: [email protected]


Control systems monitor and regulate the behavior of physical processes in real-time such as controlling the level in a tank by monitoring the tank temperature and pressure. This technology generally has no cybersecurity, authentication, or cyber forensics, and is 100% trusted. Control systems are used in all infrastructures including transportation systems, energy, defense, water/wastewater, petrochemical plants, data centers, and oil/gas pipelines to name a few. The information from these physical processes is converted to Internet Protocol (IP) packets for use in Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) networks to provide information to the operators/users. The OT and IT networks also have cybersecurity vulnerabilities and are at risk of cyber compromise.

This one-day course will take a multidisciplinary approach to introduce participants to control systems and their critical relationship with IT and OT networks. The course will present relevant case studies to highlight the impacts and increasing frequency of cyber incidents and cyberattacks to critical infrastructure and will discuss how default thinking about system malfunctions and disruptions may lead to missed signs of cyber sabotage, or other unintentional problems. The course will emphasize the importance of understanding the criticality of control systems in organizational cybersecurity practices and cyber incident response plans.


The professional development course is tailored to critical infrastructure professionals, practicing engineers, network security (IT and OT) personnel, CISOs, engineering managers, industry and government policy makers, and cyber insurance professionals who seek to better understand cyber risks and mitigations that can be utilized to enhance the cybersecurity of control systems and critical infrastructure.

Learning Outcomes  

Participants will develop an understanding of how IT and OT systems interact with control systems, and best practices for managing and mitigating control system cybersecurity risks. Participants will understand the importance of creating and implementing control system cyber incident response plans and how to utilize them as part of their organization’s cybersecurity practices and protocols.


Beth Austin-DeFares, Director of Education

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 201.216.5362