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NukemapVR Grabs the Attention of Business Insider

June 17, 2019

Led by co-principal investigators Kristyn Karl and Alex Wellerstein, the Reinventing Civil Defense Project hosted The Bomb and You, this summer's public exposition and workshop on nuclear risk communication for the 21st century. By using everything from virtual reality to live performances, the projects presented explored what kinds of messaging and media would be effective for nuclear risk communication in the present moment. Business Insider took notice of NukemapVR, a virtual reality experience created by assistant professor Christopher Manzione and Wellerstein that lets users detonate a nuclear weapon in New York City and then watch. A still from this virtual reality program can be seen above. 

Featured Image: NukeMapVR by Christopher Manzione

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Friendships Across #instagenerations

September 17, 2019

Visual arts and technology students found themselves making friends and combating ageism in assistant professor Nancy Nowacek's class last semester. Along with designing posters and creating podcasts, these students participated in the #instagenerations project. Over the course of a month, each student was paired with a senior citizen, and together, they shared ideas and memories through a daily post to Instagram. The results, both anecdotal and quantitative, were exciting. Assessments conducted by assistant professor of social sciences Ashley Lytle showed that students experienced, "a significant decrease in aging anxiety, psychological concerns about aging, and negative stereotyping of older adults," and now, Nowacek and Lytle will be presenting these findings at this November's Gerontological Society of America (GSA) in Austin, Texas.


June 17, 2019

Participating in Kickstarter’s Creators-in-Residence programNicholas O’Brien, an assistant professor in the visual arts and technology program, is launching his video game The Last Survey. Set in a future where precious materials are in short supply, the game encourages “players to make pivotal choices in order to steer the conversation toward progressive action.” Head over to his Kickstarter for more information. 

Christopher Manzione and Jeff Thompson Earn Statewide Recognition

February 19, 2019

The New Jersey State Council on the Arts just named this year’s Artist Fellowship awards, and two members of the visual arts and technology faculty were honored! Christopher Manzione, an assistant professor, and Jeff Thompson, an assistant professor and the program’s director, both took home the Individual Artist Fellowship Award and were the only two people in the state recognized for digital and electronic media.