Explore all the traditional fields of philosophy with the unique advantage of doing so at an institution renowned for advances in science and engineering.

Such dynamism means students are not only able to understand the impact of technological innovation on those perennial questions at the heart of philosophical inquiry, but equally important, can apply philosophical analysis to practical and societal issues.

A major or minor in philosophy is especially useful for students considering medical school or law school, or any post-graduate study that requires critical thinking and analytic skills. Moreover, our emphasis on applied ethics — whether it be bioethics, legal ethics, environmental ethics, or computer ethics — provides an opportunity to consider the more far-ranging implications of your chosen field of study, not to mention a more conscientious performance in the workplace.

Careers in Social Sciences and Humanities

Here are some examples of where recent social sciences, literature, and philosophy majors started their careers.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker’s Office, Office Assistant

AMC Networks, Legal & Business Affairs

Edward Jones, Operation Specialist

Albert Einstein College of Medicine , Specialty: Global Health

GeoMarvel, Full Stack Engineer

Thomas, Copy Editor & Writer

U.S. Army, Second Lieutenant

Carnegie Mellon, Cultural Studies & Critical Theory and Analysis

Faculty Spotlight