About the Program

In this program you will gain not only the skills and technological aptitude necessary for any actively engaged musician, but cultivate an insight into the mutually dependent nature of music and technology. With such insight, our students actively engage the critical thinking necessary for implementing creative and technical innovation in music.

All Music and Technology students will complete a rigorous unified curriculum that will include courses in music theory, history, composition, production, sound design, instrumental proficiency and technological innovation. This unified curriculum will prepare the student for a future within a field in which technological innovation and implementation is an increasingly critical requisite. The Music and Technology major at Stevens is focused on providing a well-balanced course of study that will prepare the student for the ever increasing demands of today's musicians.

Students may focus their studies in Electronic Music, Composition and Theory, or Sound Recording and Production, by choosing from a host of cutting-edge electives like:

  • Software Instrument Design
  • Electroacoustic Composition
  • MIDI and Electronic Music
  • Scoring for Media
  • Advanced Orchestration

Student Outcomes

The Music and Technology program provides many diverse career opportunities for students. The program maintains an active database of internships and full time positions, and the Alumni Group regularly participates in the advancement of students' career aspirations. The program produces a very high placement rate in both industry and academic graduate programs.

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Careers in Music & Technology

Here are some examples of where recent Music & Technology majors started their careers:

Audio Engineer, WorldStage

Mastering Engineer, Sony Music Entertainment

Audio Engineer, MSNBC

Graduate Study, The Juilliard School

Community Specialist, Disney Music Group

Broadcast Systems Engineer, Emmis Communications

Composition Graduate Study, NYU

Composer’s Assistant, Tree House Audio

On-Campus Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities create an environment of creativity, collaboration, and exploration for our students, while offering them the opportunity to interact with professional tools.

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