Literature students at Stevens explore the world’s greatest books within the cultural epicenters of Hoboken and New York City.

Led by expert faculty, courses delve into a variety of English disciplines: medieval literature, Shakespeare, 19th-century poetry and prose, Romantic theater, women composers, post-World War II American literature, and more. Students also exercise their storytelling skills in creative writing courses and learn the silver screen’s history in cinema courses. Literature graduates know how to analyze and distill rich texts, a practiced skill valued within any professional field.

Known for its interdisciplinary approach to arts, humanities, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Letters enables students to use their English education to question the world. How has science fiction—from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to Frank Herbert’s Dune—prophesied the dilemmas of modernity? How did the writings of Henry David Thoreau and his contemporaries inspire the environmental movement? How have scientific advances challenged conventional beliefs about humanity?

Cultural outings parallel these lessons. In the past, students enjoyed operas at the Met; concerts at Carnegie Hall; plays both on and off-Broadway; and other symposia, exhibits, and lectures in Manhattan.

Degree Options 

Careers in Humanities and Social Sciences

Here are some examples of where recent Literature, Philosophy, and Social Sciences majors started their careers.

Proctor & Gamble, Senior Scientist

Colgate Palmolive, Senior Developer

Phillips 66, Senior Contract Specialist

Bloomberg LP, Full Stack Software Engineer

Bed Bath & Beyond, Business Operations Analyst

Arista Network, Training Specialist

Axpo Group, Technologist

St. Clair Hospital, Medical Technologist

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