Students who study literature at Stevens explore the profound writing from throughout world history and participate in the great cultural events of New York City and Hoboken.

The area's ongoing project with the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (Greece: Ancient Literary Legacy—Modern Entrepreneurial Technology) takes students to symposia, exhibits, and lectures in Manhattan, and brings eminent scholars to campus. The project integrates the study of literature with Stevens' focus on technology, invention, and entrepreneurship.

Similarly, the page-to-stage initiative takes students to Broadway and off-Broadway plays, operas at the Metropolitan, and concerts at Carnegie Hall. Bringing the experience back, the Literature department has produced V-DAY at Stevens for 15 years.

Literature faculty members publish widely on a variety of topics. Their areas of specialization include medieval literature, Shakespeare, Nineteenth Century poetry and prose, theater of the Romantic Period, women composers, post-World War II American literature, and rhetoric and composition.

Degree Options 

  • Single Degree: In the single degree program, students earn a B.A. in Literature. This program requires a secondary concentration, ensuring that students coming to Stevens for a B.A. can take advantage of our programs in such fields as History of Science, Computer Science, Environmental Engineering, and Business and Technology.
  • Double Degree: In the double degree program, students earn a B.A. in Literature while also obtaining another B.A., B.S., or B.E. degree.
  • Minor in Literature: All undergraduate students at Stevens can obtain a minor in Literature.

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