Students applying to the College of Arts and Letters are invited to mark their major as "humanities undecided," allowing them to explore academic options throughout their first two years at Stevens. These students, who do not need to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year, will meet regularly with a faculty advisor to discuss their interests and develop an appropriate study plan.

Program Details

The College of Arts and Letters is dedicated to interdisciplinary teaching, research and creativity in the arts, humanities and social sciences. With its dynamic and varied program, the College is the perfect place for Stevens students to explore their intellectual curiosities before committing to a major. In every classroom, students will engage in scholarly inquiry and practice, and the critical skills and ethical perspectives built within the "humanities undecided" program prepare students for future success, no matter their chosen major.

Curriculum Overview

Humanities undecided students will take coursework that introduces them to disciplines within the College. An example of first term coursework can be found below, and coursework for subsequent semesters will be decided through conversations with a student’s faculty advisor. Together, students and advisors will devise schedules that allow for exploration but also preparation for their future, chosen major.   

  • CAL 103: Writing and Communication Colloquium
  • HHS 130: History of Science and Technology
  • HST 120: Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
  • HHS 127: Political Science I - National Government
  • Computer Science Requirement: (Typically CS 105: Introduction to Scientific Computer OR CS 115 Introduction to Computer Science)