About the Program

The B.A. in history at Stevens recognizes that history is much more than just a study of the past. Majoring in history allows students examine the past as they analyze the present and prepare themselves for the future. With this unique perspective, it is our goal to use historical research to provide deeper understanding of our world through an examination of science and technology and their impact on human existence.

Students who major in history make contact with a dynamic scholarly and research discipline that seeks to recount and explain the human story over time. The enjoy an interdisciplinary approach to learning which can embrace varied aspects of science, engineering, and medicine as well as history. In their coursework, and also in their own research, History students at Stevens develop critical analytical skills, individual research skills, contribute to research activities as part of a working team, and facilitate cooperation among the members of the team resulting in a successful research project.

History majors can pursue a double-major or double-degree in one of the science or engineering disciplines. Such a combination is ideal for leaders who wish to combine a world-class scientific education with sensitivity to the humanistic implications of their work.

Degree Outcomes

Generally, a degree in history enables you to become an educator, a researcher, a communicator or editor, an information manager, a public advocate, or an entrepreneur – in short, any career that requires a strong background in reading and writing, a sharp and critical analytical eye, and the ability to reconcile multiple perspectives on complex issues.

Most important, students learn to become professionals and colleagues in a community of inquiry that maintains a lifelong investment in history and in the pursuit of learning — about themselves and their place in the world around them.