The College of Arts and Letters prides itself on the caliber of its faculty, all of whom excel both in the classroom and their respective areas of research. Our faculty are actively engaged in research that reflects the virtues of the traditional humanities in the midst of technological innovation.

What is research in the humanities, social sciences, and arts?

Our research usually takes place in libraries, archives, conversation, and contemplation. For the most part, our research involves the articulation of qualitative judgments: arguments based on evidence.

Professionally, our goal is the same as academic research in the engineering and sciences: an end product (typically a book, book chapter, or journal article) characterized by rigor, novelty, and creativity that makes a significant contribution to one’s discipline and field of specialization.

Examples of CAL faculty research fields:

  • Philosophy of Physical and Life Sciences
  • History and Sociology of Science and Technology
  • Technology, the Arts, and Music