The graduate certificate equips modern professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to understand and evaluate the pervasive and complex ethical and policy implications generated by the rapid technological advances of the 21st century. It also examines the transformation of this technology into novel products and services.

The program accommodates both part-time professionals and full-time students. It also improves necessary writing and presentation skills. The certificate consists of four classes.

Required Core Classes

Three of the following four classes:

  • CAL 510 Foundations of Technology and Policy
  • CAL 529 History of Modern Science and Technology
  • CAL 539 Foundations of Ethics
  • MGT 612 Leading People and Projects

Elective Classes

One of the following three classes:

  • CAL 555 Engineering and Computer Ethics
  • CAL 556 Ethics of Business & Technology
  • CAL 580 Environmental Ethics