In Stevens' foreign language program, students engage with the latest technologies, jump into real-world situations and enjoy a communicative approach, all in the pursuit of learning a new language quickly and enjoyably. 

Not only will Stevens' foreign language courses satisfy general education degree requirements, but the benefits extend beyond the classroom:

  • Foreign language skills can make people more marketable and give them more career choices.
  • Learning a language helps individuals develop better thinking skills and see the world through more than one lens. Language also stimulates the imagination!
  • Students can experience different cultures’ music, food, movies and much more.

CAL's Foreign Languages Program is on the development fast-track. The existing language options are expanding and new ones will be implemented in the near future. Have questions? Contact the Foreign Languages Program at [email protected].

See what courses Stevens students can enroll in today:

Spanish French Chinese
Spanish 1 (LSP 101) French 1 (LFR 101) Chinese 1 (LCH 101)
Spanish 2 (LSP 102) French 2 (LFR 102)  
Spanish 3 (LSP 201) French 3 (LFR 201)  
Spanish 4 (LSP 202) French 4 (LFR 202)  

What Students Have to Say