The professors of Foreign Languages in the College of Arts & Letters use real-world situations and the latest technology available to bring the languages to life in the classroom. The communicative approach is supported by multimedia activities to help students quickly learn the language and become proficient.

Not only will Stevens' foreign language courses satisfy general education degree requirements, but the benefits extend beyond the classroom:

  • Foreign language skills can make people more marketable and give them more career choices.
  • Learning a language helps individuals develop better thinking skills and see the world through more than one lens. Language also stimulates the imagination!
  • Students can experience different cultures’ music, food, movies and much more.

CAL's Foreign Languages Program is on the development fast-track. The existing language options are expanding and new ones will be implemented in the near future. Have questions? Contact the Foreign Languages Program at [email protected].

See what courses Stevens students can enroll in today:

Spanish French
Spanish 1 (LSP 101) French 1 (LFR 101)
Spanish 2 (LSP 102) French 2 (LFR 102)
Spanish 3 (LSP 201) French 3 (LFR 201)
Spanish 4 (LSP 202) French 4 (LFR 202)

What Students Have to Say