Jump into Stevens' Sensory Computation, Experimental Narrative Environments (SCENE) Lab and discover how to create immersive virtual experiences, using everything from spatial audio to augmented reality.

Housed within the College of Arts and Letters, this immersive space empowers students to explore the software and hardware systems used to create the most advanced virtual experiences. Through practical learning, students of both the visual arts & technology and music & technology programs find themselves tackling their own virtual projects and designing user interfaces that are all-encompassing. 

Interested in virtual and augmented reality? CAVE, headset and screen-based VR tools are at your disposal. Want to put on the most mesmeric concert possible? Play with musical instrument software over the high-density loudspeaker array and novel system for spatial audio. 

The lessons learned and skills developed in the SCENE Lab apply to careers in cinema, gaming, and social media. To boot, these systems hold untapped potential for the sonification and visualization of big data, the simulation of training, and the construction of architectural acoustics.