​Stevens is committed to providing opportunities for students to develop and sharpen their leadership capacities.

Stevens LEADS

Stevens LEADS seminars and workshops advise and empower individuals and members of student organizations to become involved in various facets of campus and community life, from positional leadership roles in student organizations to participation in community service programs. For more information on getting involved, please contact Student Life.

Emerging LEADS

The Emerging Leaders seminars aid students in developing the confidence, knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to be impactful and responsible leaders. Through discussion and interactive exercises, students will have the opportunity to examine their own leadership potential as well as to apply newly acquired skills. 

Qualifications: Must be a first or second year undergraduate student

Advancing LEADS

The Advancing Leaders seminars examine community-based leadership theories. Specifically, they are designed to help students build upon their leadership experience and present methods that can be utilized to maximize the student’s impact on an organization and the community. The relationship leadership model will frame the content through five components of focus – being purposeful, empowering, process-oriented, ethical and inclusive. Students will learn how the components inform their own processes of decision making regarding organizational leadership. 

 Qualifications: Students must have held a leadership position on campus for a minimum of one year and be at least a second year undergraduate student.

Transforming LEADS

The Transforming Leaders seminars are based on Schlossberg’s Transition Theory and allow students to build upon their understanding of leadership. The model will frame the content through four factors – self, situation, support and strategies. Students will learn to better articulate their leadership identity, understand their leadership style and values, and recognize ways to transform their leadership style in varying situations. Throughout the seminars, students will learn ways to leave a legacy as leaders at Stevens and to navigate their transition into post-graduate life. Students will have the opportunity to attend a student leadership conference to expand their network and learn from other students from various institutions. 

 Qualifications: Students must have held a leadership position on campus for a minimum of two years and be currently a junior or senior.

Leadership Connect

Members of Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) will attend a half-day training each semester in order to continue to develop their leadership skills, learn best practices to organizational management and provide opportunities for rising RSO leaders and members to contribute to their organizations. The workshops will focus on varying topics relevant to RSO leaders, such as communication styles, motivating the middle, program planning and leveraging club members' strengths in order to be successful RSOs.

Become a Leader at Stevens