Policy on Hazing; Policy Number 50.6

The Trustees of the Stevens Institute of Technology (“Stevens” or the “University”) is committed to providing an environment free from hazing.  Consistent with the University’s obligations under New Jersey Law (as modified from time to time, “NJ Law”) [1], this Policy reflects Stevens’ zero-tolerance for hazing, clarifies the types of conduct that constitute hazing under this Policy and relevant law, explains how Stevens will enforce the Policy, including providing mandatory training and appropriate penalties for violations, and explains how to  report alleged violations of the Policy.  All capitalized terms used in this Policy without definition are defined in Section VIII.

[1] N.J. STAT. ANN. § 18A:3-27.1-27.4, 2C:40-3-4 (West 2022).


Violations of Stevens Institute of Technology's Policy on Hazing

January 1, 2017 - January 1, 2022
Date of Subject Charged with Violation Description of Violation Investigation Findings and Penalities Imposed by Stevens Resolution Date
7/28/2018 The Chi Psi Fraternity, Alpha Xi Chapter exceeded the 8-week pledge period for new members, forced pledges to stand for unreasonable periods of time during the pledging process, and transported pledges across state lines, leaving them in a remote area with no means of communication to find the local Chi Psi chapter house.  Stevens Student Affairs staff and Stevens General Counsel conducted interviews with the majority of the members of the Chi Psi Fraternity as well as the complainant and an alumnus of Stevens who was involved in the out-of-state activities. Stevens staff also reviewed supportive documentation, including group chat communications between Chi Psi members.   Stevens found the Chi Psi fraternity responsible for hazing based on available information and evidence.  The fraternity was not eligible to recruit or initiate new members during the 2018-2019 academic year; was unable to host any social or recruitment events;  was required to work with their National and Alumni leadership to develop a re-imagined New Member Education Plan; and was required to plan and host an educational program about Hazing for the 2019 National Hazing Prevention Week at Stevens. 10/3/2018