Where do I find out about my housing options?
The Finding Permanent Housing page of our website has information about Stevens and non-Stevens housing options, how to find an apartment, and things to consider before you sign a lease.  


What are the dining options available on campus?
Stevens Dining Services serve our campus from a few different locations with a wide variety of food and meal plan options. Information on the upcoming semester will be coming soon! 


What is a Stevens ID card and why do I need one?

The Stevens ID card operates as a general form of identification but also as an access card to buildings such as the Library, Computer Lab, Athletic Center and any research labs in which you work. The Stevens ID is also your method of payment in the dining hall and it is used for Duck Bills.

If you are a new student entering the University, you are able to submit a photo online for your first University ID card.  Please visit DuckBills.com, go to the Online Card Office section and select Photo upload.  Sign in with your mystevens username and password then follow instructions to upload your photo. Once your photo has been submitted, approved or rejected, you will receive a confirmation via email.

You will obtain your Stevens ID card when you arrive on campus. Please bring either a government photo ID, driver’s license or passport, for verification.  Students who upload their photo will receive a 15% coupon for the Stevens Campus Bookstore, and a free gift, while supplies last.

For more information, please visit the Card Office website


What are Duck Bills and where can they be used?
Duck Bills can be used on and off-campus to purchase food and sundry items. You can see a list of off-campus merchants that accept Duck Bills here

How can I add Duck Bills to my students account?
Click here to make a deposit online. You can also use the Stevens Duckbills App that's available for Android and Apple devices. 


Where can students park on campus?
Graduate students may park in most lots after 3:00 p.m., but all cars parked on campus must have a valid parking hang tag. To apply for a parking tag click here. You can view a map of all Stevens parking lots here

How can I get a student discount on NJ Transit?

Full-time students can save 25% on NJ Transit monthly rail and bus passes. To take advantage of this program, log into your MyStevens account and then click NJ Transit Quick-Tik and follow the instructions. You must apply before the 10th day of the previous month in order to take advantage of this. 

Does Stevens have a shuttle and where does it stop?

Yes. Stevens has three shuttles that operate Monday-Friday at various times and on various routes.  For schedules of each route, visit http://www.stevens.edu/sit/housing/shuttles 

The Red Line (Residential Shuttle) operates Monday through Friday when classes are in session on a continuous 30-minute route around Hoboken, Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 12:30 am (last shuttle leaves Howe Center at 12:00 midnight). This shuttle can be tracked in real time at http://stevens.transloc.com/.  You also may download the free app, “TransLoc Rider” from the app store and track the shuttle and view the map and schedule. 

The Blue Line (Hoboken Terminal/PATH Shuttle), will run year round from Newark and River Streets to campus at the beginning and end of each workday, Monday through Friday (excluding campus holidays). This shuttle will serve those who commute via the PATH and NJ Transit. The morning shuttle will begin at 7:30 am each day and the final morning shuttle will leave Newark and River Streets at 10:30 am.  The afternoon shuttle will begin at 4:30 pm from Newark and River, with the last shuttle of the day leaving Newark and River at 11:45 pm.  The shuttle will be making stops at 4th and River, the Howe Center and 6th and River Terrace.

The Green Line (Light Rail/8th Street Elevator) will serve those who commute via Light Rail and will run every evening from 6th Street and River Terrace to 8th Street and Madison Street, Monday through Friday when classes are in session. The shuttle begins its run at 4:30 pm and the last shuttle leaves 6th Street and River at 11:45 pm. 


Stevens App

In addition to the Transloc App which helps you track the Stevens shuttle and the Duckbills App which enables you to manage your Duckbills account, there is a Stevens App with Interactive Map and much more! You can download it for Apple and Android devices. 

Do I have to use my Stevens e-mail address?

All communications from the university will be sent to your Stevens e-mail address so you must check this account regularly and/or forward this account to another e-mail address that you check regularly. 

How can I forward my Stevens email to another account?

How can I put my Stevens email account on my cell phone? 

The Stevens IT Knowledge Base explains everything you need to know about Stevens email, including how to forward it to another account and how to access it on your cell phone. 




Where can I find information about registering for classes?

How do I know which courses are available each semester?

How can I add/drop a course from my schedule?

How can I request a copy of my transcript?

How do I apply for graduation?

Where can I find the academic calendar and final exam schedule?

All of these questions, and more, are answered on the Registrar Office's website. 


Why must I submit a Study Plan?

How do I fill out a Study Plan?

How will I know when specific courses will run?

Can I deviate from the Study Plan?

How many credits do I need to get a degree?

Do I have to do a thesis/project for a Master's degree?

I want to change my program. How do I go about doing this?

I need to withdraw from all my courses this semester due to an emergency. What should I do?

All of these questions, and more, are answered on the Office of Graduate Academics website. 


How can I view my student account balance/charges?

Log into myStevens and then click the eBilling icon. 

If I have a question about my bill who do I contact?
You need to contact the Student Service Center at 201.216.5555


Can I take out a loan to help pay for my schooling?

Stevens offers graduate students the option to borrow from a variety of loan programs that offer flexible repayment, low interest rates and funding sufficient to cover tuition, fees and normal living expenses. Federal Direct Student Loans are available to matriculated students taking at least six credits per semester who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Resident Aliens. In order to find out if you qualify, you must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

How do I fill out the FAFSA?

This universal financial aid application can be completed on hard copy (available from the Student Service Center or many public libraries) or online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Information you provide on this form is forwarded to Stevens (use school code number 002639 to identify Stevens as the school to which your information is sent), and upon receipt, a staff member will determine your eligibility and notify you in writing. 

What should I do if I do not qualify for a Federal Student Loan? 

For students who do not meet the criteria for Federal Student Loan programs, such as international students, loans from private sources can be borrowed to meet all or most of your annual costs. These private loans, also known as alternative loans, are not based on financial need, but in most cases a credit check is completed by the lender in order to determine eligibility. For more information on private/alternative loans, click here

How can I pay my tuition from overseas? 
International students who do not want to use a credit card can pay via wire transfer. We recommend using PeerTransfer.  

What other payment options do I have? 
For information about deferred payment plans, employer tuition reimbursement plans, and tuition payment plans, visit the Graduate Payment Options page of the Student Service Center's website. 

For more information about tuition costs and payment options, please refer to the Stevens Financial Aid Website.


How can I find a job on campus?
Students can look at the Student Employment Office website to look at and apply to open on-campus jobs.

How many hours can international students work on-campus?
During the academic year students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. During school breaks students can work a maximum of 40 hours per week. These limits are set by the rules and regulations governing your F-1 visa status. 

Can international students work off campus?

No. International students cannot hold any type of job off-campus, as specified by the rules and regulations governing your F-1 visa status. 


How can I get a New Jersey driver's license?

As a J-1 student you are eligible to apply for a New Jersey driver's license. For more information about how non-citizens can apply for a driver's license, click here to go to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission's website. There is also a fact sheet for students in the U.S. on F-1 or J-1 Visas. 

The procedure for getting a New Jersey driver's license vary depending on your country of citizenship and your ability to provide acceptable proof of driving experience.

  • You may use your country's driver license as proof of driving experience if you have an International Driver Permit issued by your country or if your country is a member of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic and your license is translated into English by a consulate or an MVC approved translator. 
    • If you have proof of driving experience, you must first go to a Motor Vehicle Commission location with your Visa, I-20, and Stevens ID in addition to the "6 Point ID requirements" in order to get your permit. 
    • After you get the permit, visit any Driver Testing Center to take a vision testknowledge test and possibly a road test if required. 
  • If you cannot provide proof of driving experience as listed above, you will be subject to the Graduated Driver's License (GDL) requirements, listed here

What other type of ID can I get aside from a driver's license?

You can get a State Identification Card if you do not wish to take the NJ Drivers Test. 


Do I need a bank account?

Having a bank account is an essential part of living in the United States. A bank account allows you to safely store your money and withdraw it easily when you need it. Most banks have accounts especially for students that require only a small deposit to be opened and don’t have a monthly or yearly fee. Banks will usually give you a set of checks and a debit card (which acts like a credit card but only allows you to withdraw money you have in your account) when you open your account. 

How can I open a bank account in the U.S.?

Stevens has a special agreement with PNC Bank. For more information about their personal banking services, click here.

To open a bank account, you will need a valid passport with visa stamp and your I-20, DS-2019, or I-797 with I-94. 

After opening your account, there may be a short waiting period before you can access your funds; you should keep some cash on hand to use until your other funds are available.


What if I have an issue with my I-20 or visa?

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is responsible for all international student and scholar immigration-related matters, including the issuance and/or processing of I-20s, F-1 and J-1 visas, DS-2019 and H-1B forms as well as employment authorization documents. For more information, please visit their website or stop by their office on the 5th floor of the Howe Center. 

What are the limitations of my F-1 visa?

Under U.S. law, you are fully responsible for abiding by the rules governing your F-1 status. International Student and Scholar Services will do its best to help you understand these rules, but you are required to follow the rules and responsibilities of student status explained here


What is the Student Health Service Fee?
The Student Health Service Fee covers the costs of running the Student Health Center (Pond House). By paying this fee, all students have free access to nurses and doctors and basic prescription and over-the-counter medications. This fee is mandatory and paid by all students.

What is the Stevens Health Insurance Plan?

Stevens has selected University Health Plans (UHP) to provide a student health insurance plan for all enrolled students who wish to participate. Students are automatically enrolled in this health insurance plan each semester, but if you have your own health insurance you can choose to waive enrollment in this plan. The plan is effective from August 18, 2014 to August 18, 2015. 

Can I waive the Stevens health insurance since I already have health insurance?
Yes. If you can provide proof of private health insurance, you may waive the Stevens health insurance. Please go to the University Health website and complete the electronic waiver.

Does Stevens have mental health services available to its students?

Yes. Stevens Student Counseling and Psychological Services provides personal counseling services to enrolled students of Stevens Institute of Technology. This office also coordinates disability accommodations and services. These services are free and confidential for enrolled students. For more information visit the office's webpage.


Where is the fitness center and how can I access it?

The fitness center is located in the Charles V. Schaefer Athletic Center. The current schedule for the fitness center can be found here

Does Stevens offer group fitness classes?

Yes! Stevens offers a variety of fitness classes each semester. Class descriptions are available on the wellness page of the Stevens athletics website. Stevens also has outdoor adventure programs.