Program Description

The Master’s Peer Mentor Program is designed to connect new students with current Master’s students to facilitate the transition to graduate life at Stevens Institute of Technology. Students who participate in this program will become better equipped to build more meaningful connections and benefit from essential peer-to-peer interaction in and out of the classroom experience.

Master’s students are recruited each semester to serve as peer mentors to new incoming Master’s students. Mentors and mentees are paired based on program of study and common interests, typically one to two mentees per mentor. To help facilitate the matching process and the mentoring partnership, Graduate Student Life uses a software application that allows students to build profiles, connect with peers and communicate with mentors, request meetings, and keep detailed progress notes. Mentorship pairs are expected to meet virtually three times a semester and maintain digital communications in between – of course each partnership is different and really dependent on both parties.

Throughout the course of the program mentors and mentees are provided with a variety of opportunities to foster a deeper connection through leadership skill development, community gatherings, and targeted training programs.


 For questions regarding this program, please email [email protected] or call 201.216.5633.

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