Don't Stand By. Speak Up!

Speak Up! is a facilitated training and awareness campaign that seeks to empower students to intervene when an individual is in need or faced with a questionable circumstance.  It is a multidimensional training that utilizes video vignettes, small group discussions, and role plays to engage students to think about what it means to be a bystander, what prevents them from stepping in and what might enable them to do so in the future.  The cornerstone of the program is expanding students’ ability to intervene by teaching them the three D’s - Direct, Distract, and Delegate - as tools to prepare them to take action.

Speak Up! was developed by a strategic working group comprised of student-athletes, resident advisors, peer mentors, fraternity and sorority members, and health educators, and campus administrators to more effectively address the issues Stevens students encounter.  The situations depicted in the program, the slogan, and the campaign were conceived by the working group. 


Kristaps Aldins, Head Baseball Coach
Craig Shook, Graduate Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life
Danielle Holmes, Area Director Office of Resident Education
Philip Gehman, Director of Disability Services and Acting Title IX Coordinator
Tara Temple, Head Athletic Trainer
Dr. Melissa Zarin, Assistant Director of Counseling & Psychological Services 
Mandy Reed, Pre Doctoral Intern in Counseling & Psychological Services