DeBaun Auditorium

DeBaun Auditorium is located in the historic Edwin A. Stevens Hall, the original academic building of Stevens Institute of Technology that is still part of the school today. The Auditorium is a renovated proscenium theater with a mid-size stage and extensive lighting and sound capabilities and seats 470. The technical crew and house staff is comprised primarily of Stevens students who work on all aspects of the Auditorium's events.

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Ondrick Music Room

The Ondrick Music Room is a rehearsal and practice location for the musical ensembles and theatre projects of DeBaun Performing Arts Center. It is the home of the Stevens Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, and a variety of small ensembles. Voice lessons are also offered in the Music Room, which is currently equipped with a new Yamaha piano, two Boston upright pianos, a Baldwin spinet piano, and a Hammond organ, most available for student practice.

Open Rehearsal Hours: When not in use for classes, lessons or rehearsals, the Ondrick Music Room has hours available for students to rehearse at their leisure. Open hour rehearsals take place on a first-come, first-served basis in the main room as well as the two small practice rooms. For further details on practice times, consult this document or refer to the schedule posted on the door of the Music Room.

Subsidized Voice Lessons: Voice lessons are available to students at a rate of $35 per hour. Due to limited availability, students are chosen through an application and audition process.

For more information regarding rehearsal rooms and/or applying for subsidized voice lessons, please contact Bethany Reeves.