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CAL Newsletter: December 18, 2018

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A Guru of Artificial Intelligence

To incentivize global progress, the international XPRIZE competition encourages academics to work together and break the bounds of current research. Their latest challenge, the four-year IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, will redefine how artificial intelligence and humans work together, and just recently, it was announced Kelland Thomas, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, and his research partners broke into the contest’s third round.

Together, they’re designing GURU, an artificial intelligence that commands a strong understanding of situational context. With this ability, GURU will usher in a new era of human-computer collaboration and advance a number of fields, from biology to the arts.

Stevens Institute For Artificial Intelligence

With such advanced cognitive capabilities, computers are introducing challenges and progressions that are reshaping our industries and everyday lives. To that end, Stevens has jointly named artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity as the first research pillar of the university’s strategic plan.

Accordingly, the Stevens Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SIAI), an interdisciplinary tech-driven collaboration between the schools, launched this semester. Both faculty and students from CAL will provide leadership in the art and music focus area of this exciting, new enterprise.

Music and Tech in the News

City Makes Major Investment in Downtown Brooklyn Art Nonprofit

News 12 Brooklyn

"It's rare, and it's really meaningful that in such a prized location in Brooklyn, I'm given that amount of support," said Lainie Fefferman, Assistant Professor in CAL's Music and Tech program, following her performance at Issue Project Room. Enjoy a few moments of her concert in this News 12 Brooklyn clip, which shows how New York City is making a multimillion-dollar investment in the arts.

Shows Offer a Cure for the Post-Turkey Blues

In a listing for Christine Santelli's concert, described how the musician worked with Rob Harari, Industry Associate Professor, and his class.

"It's the first time I've really worked with a producer who's got a vision, so it's been a very interesting experience, hearing what's in somebody else's heads about my songs," said Santelli. "We went out to the Power Station, and all his students were there, and we recorded the base tracks, and then every Tuesday I go to his class and we record overdubs and vocals at the school."