Dr. Kelland Thomas
Dean, College of Arts and Letters


We live in a world that is dynamic, complex and full of exciting opportunities.

Stevens Institute of Technology offers a world-class education with technology at our core. At the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), we build on this strong foundation, preparing students to engage with technology creatively, critically, comparatively and ethically.

At CAL, we offer a range of degree programs encompassing the arts, humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary thinking. Our students examine the social impacts of new technologies. They learn how to use software and hardware to explore creativity and artistic creation. With our philosophy of “Computing Across the Curriculum,” students also learn core technical skills including software programming, data analytics and data visualization.

Employers increasingly demand graduates who combine strong computing skills with the ability to think critically, creatively and compassionately. In fact, 100 percent of the CAL class of 2017 secured outcomes within six months of graduation. I invite you to learn more about our exciting degree programs, including Music and Technology, Visual Arts and Technology, Science and Technology Studies, and the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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