Resources for Non-Native English Speakers (NNES)


  • – Website features a large database of NNES learning activities including bilingual quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and crosswords.
  • – Website features hundreds of worksheets for NNES students.  Worksheets on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, and conversation are available.
  • – Database features lessons in idioms, grammar accent reduction, and more. It also has links to mobile apps for NNES students.


  • – These resources will help students in second language writing. This section includes recourses on writing across the curriculum, and it contains other links, workshops, and exercise useful for NNES students.

Word Choice

  • – Word Neighbors allows users to check word combinations. Users can input any word combination and determine its correctness. There is a short web-based tutorial that companies the site For example, do we write “large extent” or “big extent”?
  • – This is a corpus website that analyze different word combinations in the English Language. NNES learners can input any phrase or word to determine if the word order is correct or not.


Listening and Conversation Practice

  • – Features dialogue between two professionals and after the dialogue, an instructor discusses the dialogue, the slang, keywords, and grammar.
  • – Listen to hundreds of real life conversations that range from “getting a haircut” to “the oil change.”
  • – Website offers well-developed listening quizzes at three levels: easy, medium, and difficult.  The quizzes feature recordings followed by several questions.

Reading and Comprehension

  • – This website features current American news articles and segments which are written and presented in a simple, easy to understand manner.  The website also features English lessons in topics such as “E-mail in American Business,” and “Introducing Yourself in American Business.”
  • – This website offers links to articles, videos, and other resources for learning English.
  • – This website, hosted by the British Broadcasting Corporation, publishes a phrase of the day, quizzes, and has a “Words in the News” section that highlights and defines advanced language in current news articles.