Faculty Profile

Carlos Alomar

Building: Morton
Room: 104.
Phone: 201.216.5081
Fax: 201.216.8245
Email: [email protected]
School:  College of Arts & Letters
Department:  Music & Technology
Program:  Music & Technology

B.A., honoris causa, Music and Technology, Stevens Institute of Technology


Carlos Alomar is a beta tester for Gibson guitar, Moog guitar, Spector guitars and Brian Moore guitars. He does demonstations at trade show and musical events.

He extensively researched the sythesizer guitar (1980-present) and recorded a synthesizer-guitar journey of sound and textures which demonstrated his research entitled "Dream Generator."

Currently Carlos continues his research as the Director/founder of the Sound Synthesis Research Center (S.S.R.C.) at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J.

General Information

Carlos Alomar, well known as David Bowie’s favorite guitarist/co-writer and musical director (1974-2001), Co-founder of the National Rock Movement of Puerto Rico, and the person credited with discovering “The Pavarotti of Soul” Luther Vandross, has been influencing the music industry for the last 30 years. His credits read like a "who‘s who" in the music industry.. David Bowie, Paul McCartney, John Lennon,Mick Jagger,Iggy Pop, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey, Nine inch Nails, Luther Vandross, Liza Minnelli, Peter, Paul and Mary, Deborah Cox, Gloria Gaynor,Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Yoko Ono, Bette Midler, James Brown, Wilson Pickett, The Main Ingredient,The Bee Gees,Cyndi Lauper, Hen-G & Evil-E,Digable Planets, Carly Simon, Duran Duran, Simple Minds, Prefab Sprout,, Scissor Sisters and the list goes on.

He has also produced many well-known Latin artists such as Soda Stereo, Wilkens, Charlie Garcia, Elan Chester, Fabiana Cantillo, and Alberto Fortis.

In Japan, Alomar received the Producer of the Year" award for his work with the jazz group-Casiopea. He has also worked with other well-known Japanese artist such as Taramasa Hino, Yuko Kusunoke, The Garage Project and Yukihiro Takahashi (from Y. M. O.). 

His music has also been featured in films such as: "The Killers-2010". The Banger Sisters, 15 minutes, A Soldiers Daughter Never Cries, The Usual Suspects, Copycat, Pretty Woman, Pretty in Pink, Next Friday and Christina F. Carlos has also scored 3 documentaries for the award winning director Barbara Koppel.

He was the bandleader on the short-lived TV chat show, The Caroline Rhea Show (2002-2003)

"Fame" (Bowie, Alomar, Lennon)appears as a playable track in Guitar Hero 5


World-class guitarist





Professional Service

Carlos Alomar is a world-class musician who continues to record,tour, write or performed with well-known artist in many genre's of music.

He lectures For the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (GRAMMYS) as well as moderating panels for various music industry events.

He teaches guitar technique privately as well as at a college level.

Honors & Awards

Carlos is the recipient of 32 Gold or Platinum records

In Japan, Alomar received the “Producer of the Year" award for his work with the jazz group “CASIOPEA.” 

His administrative experience has gained his Production Company (Guitarlos Ltd.) and Publishing Company (100 M.P.H. Music) numerous awards and Plaques from The American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (A.S.C.A.P), as well as The Recording Industry Association of America (R.I.A.A.).

In 2005 Carlos received a TEC award for “soloist of the Year” for his outstanding guitar work.  


Carlos currently sits on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences representing all composers and arrangers in the Greater New York area. He has also served as their first Latino Trustee, N.Y. Chapter president and as National Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for this "GRAMMYS" organization.

Carlos is the co-founder of the National Rock Movement of Puerto Rico.

He also sits on the Board Of Advisors for the Latin Grammys as well as on the Board for the Latin Hall of Fame awards.

Professional Societies

Carlos is a member of ...

Local 802-musicians union 

The United Federation of Musicians 

The National Rock Movement of Puerto Rico 

the American Society of Composers and Publishers 

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

The Latin Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences 

Latin Hall of Fame

Selected Publications
  1. Darrin Fox. (Oct 28, 2011). "The 50 Greatest Rhythm Guitarist", Guitar Player Magazine, Guitar Player. Here is a link to the web-site content..  guitarplayer  .
  • HMU 497 Music Performance: Recital
  • HMU 496 Private Lesson