Literature Courses

HLI 105 Special Topics in Literature HLI 113 Western Literature: Classical Literature
HLI 114 Western Literature: Middle Ages to the Present HLI 115 The English Language: Language of Ideas
HLI 116 Analysis of Literary Forms HLI 117 Colonial and Romantic American Literature
HLI 118 Realist and Modern American Literature HLI 201 Introduction to Theater
HLI 220 Images of Science in Literature HLI 221 Introduction to Cinema
HLI 312 Modern Literature HLI 314 19th Century English Literature: Victorians
HLI 315 Language, Meaning and Reality HLI 316 Science Fiction
HLI 317 The Creative Act HLI 318 Caribbean Litr & Culture
HLI 319 Ethnicity and Literature HLI 321 Literature, Science and Technology
HLI 330 Classical Mythology HLI 331 Shakespeare
HLI 332 Literary Heritage of Russia HLI 334 Chaucer: The Journey and the Dreams
HLI 335 Shakespeare in the City HLI 336 The Short Story
HLI 337 History of the English Language HLI 338 Thoreau and Environment
HLI 341 19th Century English Literature: Romanticism HLI 342 Modern Drama
HLI 344 British Fiction HLI 345 A Survey of Dramatic Literature
HLI 349 American Poetry to 1900 HLI 351 Romanticism: Painting, Literature, Music
HLI 352 The American Renaissance in Literature HLI 354 American Culture
HLI 357 American Films-American Fiction HLI 358 American Poetry: 20th Century
HLI 362 British Fiction: Twentieth Century HLI 363 Modern Irish Literature
HLI 370 Introduction to Journalism HLI 380 Survey of Latin American Literature: Motorcyclists, Writers, and Revolutionaries
HLI 390 Modern Culture: Lit and Film HLI 408 Creative Writing
HLI 409 Rhetoric and Technical Writing HLI 410 Medieval Literature
HLI 412 Medieval Romances: Rise of the Individual HLI 413 Literature by Women: The Tradition in English
HLI 414 Literature and Empire HLI 415 The Bible as Literature
HLI 416 The Legend of King Arthur HLI 417 English Literature from Beowulf to the Restoration (1660)
HLI 418 Literature and Critical Theory HLI 419 Literature of Islam
HLI 420 America in the Great Depression and the Second World War HLI 421 Power and Politics, Kinship and Kings I: Ancient to Renaissance
HLI 446 English Literature: Restoration (1660) to the Present HLI 447 Survey of British Literature
HLI 471 Literature and the Arts HLI 474 The Novel in America
HLI 476 Contemporary Culture: Literature and Film, 1950-the present