Visual Arts & Technology Courses

HAR 110 Foundation 2D: Color and Composition HAR 111 Foundations of 3D: Form and Space
HAR 112 Drawing I HAR 113 Drawing II
HAR 114 Introduction To Photography HAR 120 History of Technology and the Arts
HAR 180 History of Art: Prehistory to the Modern Era HAR 191 Modern Art History and Theory
HAR 193 Introduction to Art & Technology HAR 205 Introduction to Digital Media
HAR 220 Video I HAR 230 Sound and Vision
HAR 240 Introduction to Web Media for the Arts HAR 241 Design I
HAR 271 Creative Programming HAR 280 Modern Art History and Theory
HAR 281 History of Photography HAR 301 Professional Practices
HAR 311 Digital Imaging II HAR 312 Digital Imaging III
HAR 320 Video II HAR 330 Animation I
HAR 331 Animation II HAR 332 Animation III
HAR 340 Design II HAR 342 Motion Graphics
HAR 360 Cultivating Culture: Art, Biology and Biophilia HAR 380 Media Culture and Theory
HAR 385 Contemporary Art HAR 387 American Films
HAR 389 History of Middle Eastern Art HAR 420 Video III
HAR 430 Net Art and Design HAR 460 Interactive Installations
HAR 486 Art and Technology HAR 490 Internship in Art and Technology
HAR 495 Topics in Art & Technology HAR 498 Senior Project and Exhibition
HAR 499 Capstone 2 HHS 387 The history of American Films
HHS 395 Images of American Life HTH 201 Introduction to Theater
HTH 202 Introduction to Theater Design