The world of business is not increasingly global — it is global. And that's true no matter what you study or what career path you ultimately pursue.

Students at a famous landmark in ancient Athens.
Students who study abroad as part of exchange or short visit programs gain academic and cultural experience that's invaluable in the real world.

It’s imperative that your college years include an international business component, to fully prepare you for the challenges and opportunities you’ll see in a real world that's been deeply transformed by globalization and technology. At the School of Business, you are encouraged to change how you see the world through our robust student exchange programs, a weeklong study abroad program or an International Business concentration.

Student exchange

Spending a semester abroad as part of the undergraduate student exchange program at the School of Business is the best way to get a firsthand look at how different cultures, histories and experiences shape how business evolves in faraway places.

“Being thrown into a foreign setting, with a new language, really builds your independence, improves your self-reliance and boosts your confidence.”

Maggie Kepa, class of 2018; finance major
international exchange student, athens

Whether you choose to study in western Europe, the Mediterranean or China, the benefits of spending a semester immersing yourself in a new culture will make a lasting difference in both your personal and professional life. 

As a Stevens student on an exchange program, you will: 

  • Challenge your assumptions about learning and business in other countries.
  • Increase your openness to new opportunities.
  • Make friends for life as you live and study in a new country. 
  • Reflect on how your own culture has shaped your understanding of the world. 

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll have to plan a course of study with your academic advisor, ideally a year before you plan to travel. Each partner university has courses equivalent to a Stevens required course, as well as classes that can fulfill elective or international business requirements. It is very important that you not take the Stevens courses if you plan to take the equivalent courses while abroad!
  • Semesters in some countries run on a different calendar than at Stevens. For these programs, it may be possible to return to the United States before the end of the semester abroad, to take your final exams here. Consult the Office of International Programs and your academic advisor before making travel plans. 
  • You are advised to join an exchange program in your junior year. Students are ineligible to participate as freshmen or seniors, though they can take part in short study abroad programs.
  • To join an exchange program, you must be in good academic standing, have a GPA of at least 2.75, have completed at least one year of study at Stevens and have no outstanding conduct issues.

To sign up for an exchange program, or to learn more about what's involved in spending a semester living in another country, visit the Office of International Programs or send an email to the director of International Programs, Susi Rachouh.