Nicholas F. Starace, II, M.Eng. ’65, a licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain, has written “White Sails Became Me: Memoirs of a Seafaring Heritage,” which was published in January 2011 and shares the author’s family tragedies and how they survived by virtue of a strong determination to fulfill their destiny in America. A boat builder and seaman from an island near Naples, Mr. Starace’s grandfather immigrated to Brooklyn, N.Y., and passed down his passion for model shipbuilding to his grandson. This hobby would help Mr. Starace form a crucial bond with his own son, Nicky, before the younger man’s death at age 26. Mr. Starace is a former executive who has published numerous freelance articles in maritime magazines and journals. He lives in Short Hills, N.J., and has two children. For more on Starace, visit