Sarah Kuptchik

Student Name: Sarah Kuptchik

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: Madawaska, ME

Major: Biomedical Engineering

As a child, I watched my mother plow through nursing school, and I have been fascinated with biology and medicine ever since. I decided to major in biomedical engineering specifically because I believe that it will help me fulfill my mission to change lives. Community service is one of my passions and I am involved in APO, a co-ed service fraternity, here at Stevens. I am also involved in Active Minds, a mental health advocacy group, and the Stevens Health Professions Club (SHPC). After graduating, I hope to go to medical school. At the moment, I am interested in working as a pediatric neurologist. I believe that even if I am primarily working as a doctor, I will still be working as an engineer on a daily basis. As a doctor, I want to be as innovative as I (reasonably) can be and understand the medical devices that I am working with.