Sabiha Rahman

Student Name: Sabiha Rahman

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: Queens, NYC

Major: Chemical Engineering

It was sophomore year, the first day of my chemistry class. My teacher told the class “Look around you, what do you see? Atoms everywhere.” I realized then that I would devote my life to chemistry. I’ve always felt that my life wasn’t about finding the career with the highest paying salary, but more about contributing to society, and I want to make a difference in this world as a chemical engineer. Since coming to Stevens, I have joined the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), the Sustainability, Activism, Volunteering, & Engineering (SAVE) club, and Engineers without Borders (EWB). I want to learn more about my field and explore the real-world applications by studying abroad. I hope this experience will broaden my cultural knowledge of the world and help me narrow down which area of chemical engineering I really see myself enjoying as a career.