Nisil Patel

Student Name: Nisil Patel

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: Milltown, NJ

Major: Computer Science

As a child, I grew up during the smartphone boom. While improvements in the smartphone sector today seem small, back then it felt like there was a major leap every year and I would always hear about what could be accomplished through new developments. Because of this, and my high school computer science teacher, I chose to become a computer science major. One student organization I have become involved with is the Ultimate Frisbee Club, which has been fun and helped me practice communicating effectively with teammates. While at Stevens, I plan to develop my professional skills so that I can become a project manager after graduation. One way I hope to develop these skills by studying abroad. This experience would demonstrate to future employers that I am a well-rounded, adaptable person and would be a good opportunity improve my foreign language skills, an asset when working at multinational corporations.