Michel Botros

Student Name: Michel Botros

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: East Rutherford, NJ

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Ever since I was young, aerospace engineering has always fascinated me. My dream is to one day be an engineer at a company such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin or GE Avitation, designing new and unique aerospace technologies. I want to make these technologies more affordable and turn dreams, like setting foot on other planets, into reality. At Stevens, I have been involved with Habitat for Humanity as well as the Commuter Student Union. Through my involvement with the Commuter Student Union, I hope to bring more recognition to this relatively small club and to develop my communication and leadership skills. I am interested in conducting research related to aerospace or mechanical engineering with a Stevens faculty member. I intend to use this opportunity to build skills and improve on my existing ones for use in co-ops.