Lily Stevenson

Student Name: Lily Stevenson

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: San Leandro, CA

Major: Civil Engineering

From a young age, I knew that helping the environment was important to me. I realized that civil engineering was a good fit for me because many environmental issues such as water distribution, alternative energy sources, agriculture techniques, and food resources are addressed in this field. Here at Stevens, I am a member of the Stevens Climbing and Mountaineering Club. I hope to study abroad thanks to the Clark Scholar summer stipend. Due to my Portuguese heritage, I would love to go to Portugal and learn the language and immerse myself in this culture. After graduating from Stevens I want to work on alternative energy sources. Fossil fuels need to be pushed out of the energy game and wind, solar, and water must become more accessible. I would also love to work on the distribution of clean water because I believe access to clean water is a human right.