Eve Sarracco

Student Name: Eve Sarracco

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: Wantage, NJ

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Ever since my freshman year of high school, I have loved biology. When I took my first physics class, I found that I loved the subject matter. While researching the various fields of engineering, I discovered biomedical engineering, and immediately knew that it was perfect for me, as it blended my love for biology and physics. So far at Stevens, I have become involved in various organizations, one of those being the club soccer team. With the Clark Scholar summer stipend, I would like to study abroad to achieve greater knowledge about a culture, language, and way of life different from my own. During my time at Stevens, I want to participate in the Co-op Program to gain more experience and knowledge of biomedical engineering in the hopes that it will enable me to one day become a leader in the field. .