Emily Ng

Student Name: Emily Ng

Cohort: Fall 2018

Hometown: Roosevelt, NJ

Major: Engineering, Undecided

Since elementary school, I have always been interested in mathematics. One of my favorite high school teachers, Mrs. Grelis, was one of the few female teachers that I had. She helped me to understand the ideas behind physics and the way it is used in engineering and inspired me to continue my physics education. Since coming to Stevens, I have performed at many open mic opportunities as well as volunteering with different organizations. I have a passion for singing and music, and to be able to perform here is amazing. After Stevens, I hope to become an engineer who creates something that makes a difference in the world. I hope to leave my mark on the world in a positive, impactful way by working at, or building my own company, that invents environmentally-friendly solutions that can help people in areas that lack resources.