Questions About Orientation 2022

How long is Orientation?
Orientation begins on Saturday August 27 immediately after check-in and move-in (if applicable) and continues through Wednesday August 31. Each day is specifically designed to help new students transition academically and socially into the Stevens community. Students can expect robust evening programming each day to help you meet other new students. 

What will take place during First- Year Orientation? 
Orientation will help new students connect with their peers, faculty, campus administrators and staff, as well as peer leaders through various interactive sessions and discussions. Students will recieve their full schedule in late-July. 

Is Orientation mandatory? 
Yes! Orientation is required for all new, incoming students. Orientation is filled with endless programs and opportunities for you to learn more about your academic experience at Stevens as well as plenty of fun opportunities to meet other incoming students within the Class of 2026!

Where will I find the Orientation schedule?
Each student will have access to our mobile app through Guidebook to view the Orientation Schedule. 

What time should I be there?
Each student will receive information regarding new student arrival for Orientation in the summer. 

Residential Students: 

  • For residential students participating in Pre-Orientation, those students will move in on Wednesday August 24. Specific move-in times will be communicated closer to the date. 
  • For residential students not participating in Pre-Orientation, those students will move in on Saturday August 27 when Orientation begins. Specific move-in times will be communicated closer to the date.

Commuter Students: 

  • For commuter students participating in Pre-Orientation, those students will arrive when their program begins on Wednesday August 24. Please note that there are not on-campus accomodations for commuter students during Pre-Orientation. It is expected that students will travel to/from campus each day during Pre-Orientation. 
  • For commuter students not participating, those students will arrive on campus on Saturday August 27 when orientation begins. Specific arrival information for commuter students will be communicated closer to the date. 

What is a Peer Leader?
Peer Leaders (PL’s) are current undergraduate students who are committed to supporting new students as they transition to college, and who also embody a unique sense of pride for the Stevens community. PL’s will provide mentorship and guidance to all first-year students during orientation and throughout the fall semester.

When will I get my class schedule?
Your fall semester schedule will be created by the Registrar's Office based on the program of study you have chosen to pursue. Your final fall course schedule will be available later in August. 

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding Orientation? 
For all questions related to Orientation, please email [email protected]