Special Conditions Request

A student seeking a Special Conditions must complete a Special Conditions Request form found on our financial aid website. If the status of your family's financial circumstances change because of separation, divorce, unemployment, death of a parent or a spouse, or loss of untaxed monies we may be able to help. The Special Conditions Request Form must be submitted with all required supporting documentation. Any adjustment in aid resulting from this request is dependent on your eligibility according to program rules, and the availability of funds. This document must be physically signed by both the student and, if dependent, their parent as well.

Several examples of certain conditions no longer considered special circumstances such as:

  • Private grammar school or high school tuition
  • Loss of second or part-time job
  • Removal of gambling winnings, cancelled debt, or a one time occurrence of taxed income

Dependency Override

To determine a student's independent status the Office of Financial Aid is required to adhere to the federal government's definition of what an independent student status is. If you believe that you have a unique case that justifies yourself being an independent student you may reach out to our office for counseling. The form below is required with accompanying documentation in order for a review of your situation to take place. This document must be physically signed by the student.

2022-2023 Dependency Override Form

2021-2022 Dependency Override Form