Thank you to all the students who participated in our 2020 Virtual Summer Programs and contributed to it being a huge success! Our Pre-College Summer 2021 program courses and offerings will be updated later this year. Please check back for more details. In the meantime, join our mailing list to receive news and updates from Stevens Pre-College Programs.   

Why choose Stevens Virtual Pre-College Programs?

  • All sessions are live and taught by Stevens faculty
  • Lunchtime hangout with Stevens students
  • Admissions & student life workshops
  • Live webinar offerings for parents/students
  • Evening research for most programs
  • Students will be able to present their research
  • Evening social activity offerings for participants
  • Weekly challenges to show Stevens school spirit

Available Programs

Stevens will be offering six unique programs this summer. Each program will be taught by Stevens faculty live via Zoom.

Week of July 13thProgram StartProgram EndProgram Cost
Intro to Coding (registration closed) Sunday, July 12 Friday, July 17 $800
Engineering Bootcamp (registration closed) Sunday, July 12 Friday, July 17 $800
Week of July 20thPROGRAM STARTPROGRAM ENDProgram Cost
Intermediate Computer Science* (registration closed) Sunday, July 19 Friday, July 31 $1600
Business Explorer (registration closed) Sunday, July 19 Friday, July 24 $800
Cybersecurity (Beginner) (registration closed) Sunday, July 19 Friday, July 24 $800
Week of July 27thPROGRAM STARTPROGRAM ENDProgram Cost
Cybersecurity (Advanced) (registration closed) Sunday July 26 Friday, July 31 $800

* Intermediate Computer Science is a two-week program. There will not be weekend activities.

A Typical Day

Students will have the opportunity to learn from Stevens faculty, connect with current students, participate in social activities and learn more about the college admissions process. Below is a typical day for our virtual programs:

  • Morning Sessions
  • Lunch with Stevens Students
  • Afternoon Sessions
  • Admissions/Student Life Workshops
  • Research Projects
  • Evening Social Activities

Note: Social activities and workshops are optional for students.

Program Descriptions

Business Explorer

Program Length: One Week (Online)

Whether you’re sure you want to study business in college or just want to take it for a test drive before graduating high school, the one-week virtual Business Explorer program at Stevens is a great investment in your future. Modules will include Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Management, Ethics, Economics, Information Systems and more. 


Cybersecurity (Beginner)

Program Length: One Week (Online)

As society becomes more digital, hacks and data breaches are becoming more prevalent which means that the need for more professionally trained individuals to fight cybercrime, is at an all-time high. In this one-week virtual introductory program, you will gain a basic understanding and knowledge of cybersecurity fundamentals and system security principles.


Cybersecurity (Advanced)

Program Length: One Week (Online)

The advanced-level virtual program gives you the opportunity to practice the programming methods and resources that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in a database. In just one week, you will not only learn how to secure systems, but you'll learn how to hack them too!

A background in AP Computer Science or similar course work is required.


Engineering Bootcamp

Program Length: One Week (Online)

This one-week virtual crash course into various engineering disciplines will surely help you decide which option is a perfect fit for you. You will work closely with Stevens' expert faculty and collaborate with a group of peers to create your very own research project. Is engineering for you? Find out in just one week by enrolling in this bootcamp. 

Explore disciplines such as Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Engineering, Software Engineering, and many more.


Intermediate Computer Science

Program Length: Two Weeks (Online)

If you are not new to computer science and are looking to expand upon pre-existing knowledge to better prepare you for college-level courses, look no further. This 2-week virtual program and fresh series is jam-packed with accelerated modules such as algorithms, programming language design, scientific computing and much more to put you ahead of your peers.

A background in AP Computer Science or similar course work is required.


Introduction to Coding

Program Length: One Week (Online)

Facebook, SnapChat, and Uber started with a great idea and someone with a knack for coding and design. If you have never coded before, our expert faculty members will help you gain an understanding of the basics needed to bring your ideas to life with the Python programming language. In this virtual introductory course, you will get the chance to work both individually and in teams to solve problems and create a small project based off your ideas. Modules will include Installing and configuring Python, variables, operators, control structures, functions, built-in data structures, and object-oriented programming.


Program Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Computer System
  • Headset with Microphone
  • Zoom App Installed (Some programs Free software needed)
  • Learning Space
  • Webcam