Advising at Stevens: General Overview

Students at Stevens have the benefit of two advisors to support and guide them throughout their academic journey. Each school has academic advisors available to students from their first semester to their senior year. In addition, students are assigned a faculty advisor based on their major to advise on field- and career-specific matters, especially during students’ junior and senior years. In programs without academic advisors, students are fully supported by their faculty advisor.

During new student orientation, students meet their academic advisor to review and discuss their fall semester schedule. Their academic advisor and faculty advisor are available throughout the year to answer questions and offer help and guidance.

Students should familiarize themselves with their major requirements by reviewing the curriculum in the academic catalog. All students create a study plan after their first semester with the assistance of their academic advisor and faculty advisor to map out future classes. Summary study plans can be found here. It is recommended that students meet with their advisors at least once per semester.

Type of AdvisorReasons To Visit
Academic Advisor Advice on major curriculum/study plan 
Course registration support 
Questions about changing majors 
Scheduling problems
Application for candidacy completion prior to graduation
Faculty Advisor Guidance on in-depth and long-term planning
Elective courses to take
Graduate school options
Career paths
Office of Undergraduate Academics Support when experiencing academic difficulties:
Academic Support Center for tutoring and exam prep help
 - Academic Support Program and Early Warning System
 - Reduced Load Program
Processing AP & transfer credit requests
Processing credit overload requests
Advice and support for first-generation students and Pell Grant recipients
When referred by a school/college academic or faculty advisor

Students can find their assigned academic and faculty advisors in Workday. Students will need to navigate to their to Workday homepage, then select the Academics icon in the applications section. Advisors are listed on the left side of the page in the section titled, Important Contacts Support Network.

Academic Advisors

Academic advisors provide students with basic academic advice and guidance on their major curriculum and study plan, course registration, academic progress, planning for summer studies and changing a major. Academic advisors are the first stop for assistance with scheduling problems. Students should meet with their academic advisor at least once each semester, especially during their first and second year at Stevens, to become acclimated to college and ensure they are on track with their degree program requirements. 

Students should consult the academic advisor for their major or school:

Faculty Advisors

Students are also assigned a faculty advisor, based on their major. The faculty advisor provides guidance on in-depth and long-term planning, including topics such as selecting a concentration or technical electives, research and internship opportunities and graduate school or post-graduate career plan advice. To make an appointment, students can call or email a faculty advisor. Faculty members can also be reached during their designated office hours. 

Office of Undergraduate Academics 

The Office of Undergraduate Academics (OUA) provides student advising support for referrals from academic and faculty advisors. OUA also processes AP/IB/transfer credit requests, reviews credit overload requests and manages the Reduced Course Load program, the Early Warning program and the Academic Support Program. The office also provides support for exceptional students interested in nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships.

Why and When to Meet with Advisors

Academic advisors are available throughout the year to answer questions and offer help and guidance. Students should meet their with their academic advisor:

  • During new student orientation, to review and discuss their fall semester schedules.
  • Each semester before registration to confirm course selections (core and elective) and to resolve any course sequence concerns.
  • During registration to resolve any course selection and scheduling issues.
  • To develop their study plan (by the end of the second semester for CAL, Business and SES science majors, and by the end of the third semester for SES and SSE engineering majors). Students should also meet with the faculty advisor for more in-depth guidance on study plan concentrations and electives as needed.
  • To develop post-baccalaureate education and career plans, and to plan undergraduate research experiences and internships (especially in the third through seventh semesters). Students should also meet with their faculty advisor for more in-depth guidance.
  • To develop the Application for Candidacy in the seventh semester in preparation for graduation.

Students should familiarize themselves with their major requirements by reviewing the curriculum in the academic catalog

A more detailed calendar describing when and why students should meet with their faculty advisors can be found here.

Students can find more information about the Office of Undergraduate Academics here.

For information about career advising, visit the Stevens Career Center.

If you have questions about advising services at Stevens, call 201.216.5228 or email the Office of Undergraduate Academics at [email protected].