​Stevens Institute of Technology has a history of building long and rich partnerships with institutions and organizations worldwide. The Office of International Programs believes these relationships contribute significantly to the University.

Many important areas of campus can be positively affected with our partnerships, such as, teaching, research, and our global outreach. Our study body is diversified by our partners in locations where we do not often receive students. We also believe that students, staff and faculty benefit by these enriching experiences and relationships. Therefore, our office seeks and maintains a variety of global partners at different levels, such as department, college, and University.

The Director of International Programs reviews all international exchange agreements and seeks new exchange and other international partners in collaboration with faculty and the deans.

Current Formal Partnerships

During its history, Stevens Institute of Technology has gathered many exchange agreements, partnerships and other formal linkages with institutions around the world, including France, England, Italy, China, India, Colombia and Brazil.  

Guidelines for Establishing a Partnership

Stevens Institute of Technology and the Office of International Programs have been encouraging the academic community to initiate new international relationships that can develop new partnership programs. To ensure new partnership and programs conform with our academic standards, avoid duplication and guarantee the appropriate management and maintenance, all partnership proposals must be reviewed by the Director of the Office International Programs. If applicable, applications may be reviewed by by the Program Director, the Dean of the School/College proposing the partnership, as well as the Academic Council.

Faculty Member or Institutions Abroad Seeking Exchange

Are you a faculty member interested in a partnership with a university abroad? Would you like to sign an agreement with an overseas institution? Are you part of an institution abroad interested in establishing partnerships with Stevens Institute of Technology? Contact Susi Rachouh, Director of International Programs, at [email protected]