It is important to stay organized when planning for your finances abroad. Studying abroad demands effort and dedication. You need to analyze, along with your parents, what is your financial budget due to the extra costs of studying abroad. Costs to consider include airline tickets, health insurance, tuition, housing, visas, and traveling on breaks and weekends. There are many affordable options for study abroad. First, you need to understand the cost-benefit of each option you have, but there is a viable option for every budget.

Financial Aid Options

Stevens’ institutional aid may be used for specific exchange partner programs. Approved exchange and study abroad programs may be eligible for Federal financial aid; contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information at [email protected] Financial aid eligibility varies by program and student.

For students with Pell grant eligibility, Gilman scholarships are available. 

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Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are many scholarships available for study abroad students: 

Name of ScholarshipType of Scholarship
API Study Abroad For study abroad and intern abroad
Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program  Need-based; must be Pell grant recipients 
Boren Scholarships  For undergraduate and graduate students for intensive language immersion 
Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan  For study abroad in Japan 
CIS Abroad Scholarships and grants for study abroad
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals  For study abroad in Germany 
DAAD - German Scholarship For study abroad in Germany 
Four Fund Scholarship For work abroad
Freeman Asia Scholarship For study abroad in Asia
Fulbright Student Competition  Competitive scholarship 
Fund for Education Abroad  Need-based; uncommon destinations
Global Experience Scholarship 
Apply Soon! (Deadline: April 15th)
For undergraduate students pursuing international experience through a faculty-led program
G-MEO Study Abroad For study abroad in China
Go Overseas For study abroad in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, gap year, intern/volunteer abroad
IES Abroad For study abroad
Diversity scholarships, First Generation scholarships, Program-Specific, and Work-to-Study grants
The Education Abroad Network
For study abroad

Scholarship Databases