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Online Courses in Physics, Math and Computer Science for High School Seniors

Starting in June, Stevens will offer the summertime "Euclid Program" of online classes in physics, calculus and computer science for incoming freshmen.

The Euclid Orientation Period begins June 5.
Classes begin: June 12 and conclude on August 18.

Note: Class sizes are limited and preference will be given to students enrolling at Stevens in the fall semester.

Online Learning Platform

Stevens employs CANVAS to access your virtual classroom, a learning management system that has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. The learning management system provides all the communication tools you need, such as email and threaded discussion forums.

Each course begins with Orientation Week, during which you will familiarize yourself with CANVAS, your textbooks and other materials, as well as update your online information.

Online classes at Stevens are instructor-led, and run in the same way as classes are on campus. Complete the course requirements when it's convenient for you. The dedicated student who takes his or her responsibilities seriously will do well as an online student. E-learning is just as challenging as going to class on campus.

Course Offerings

Courses offered online
Course #Course NameInstructorNext Semester Available
MA  90WS Pre-Calculus Serbin, D.  
MA 121/122WS Calculus Serbin, D.  
PEP 111WS Physics I (Mechanics) Whittaker, E.  
CS  105WS Introduction to Scientific Computing Damopoulos, D.  


Note: high school seniors bound for other universities are welcome to attend these courses and transfer the credits upon successful completion to the school of their choice.   Students who are interested in registering should complete the Euclid application or email [email protected] for further assistance.


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