Stevens Welcomes United Technologies Employees Who Are Focused on Digital

United Technologies has expanded their programs with Stevens Institute of Technology to support UTC employees who are focused on Digital or who are involved in data science and analytics.

Stevens offers a four-course graduate certificate program called, Data Exploration and Visualization for Risk and Decision-Making. The certificate program is being piloted via online course delivery, beginning Fall 2018 and will be generally available across UTC in January, 2019.

This program is a partnership of UTC Digital and the UTC Employee Scholar Program (ESP). This is a self-nomination certificate program covered through the UTC Employee Scholar Program. Please discuss this program with your manager and HR manager. To continue with the application, please forward your manager’s approval to [email protected] and ensure your HR manager is on copy. You may proceed with the Stevens application process after you send this email. For any questions, contact [email protected].

Data Visualization Graduate Certificate Available for UTC Employees

The certificate will cover basic modern techniques in data analysis and visualization, data science and knowledge discovery, informatics and decision and risk analysis. Each of the four courses are worth 3 credits for a total of 12 credits for the certificate program. Courses completed in the Data Exploration and Visualization for Risk and Decision-Making certificate program can be applied to a Master’s degree in Systems Analytics or Engineering Management. Additionally, with advisor approval, students in the master's program in Systems Engineering may also take the Data Visualization courses and apply to the program to also receive their certificate in this area. To earn a Master’s degree, students must complete a total of 10 graduate level courses (30 credits).

 *Prerequisite for certificate is knowledge of statistics and probability. Prior programming experience is helpful, but not required. Students will learn to use key data science programming languages.