10. Institutional Governance

As provided in the February 15, 1870 Act of the New Jersey State Legislature incorporating The Stevens Institute of Technology, "the entire management of the affairs and concerns of the said corporation, and all the corporate powers shall be vested in the trustees to manage and control," and "the trustees shall have power to enact by-laws for the regulation and management of the said corporation or institution of learning, to fill up vacancies in the board, and to prescribe the number and description, the duties and powers of the officers, the manner of their appointment, and the term of their office" The Trustees shall select and appoint a President of the Institute whose duties shall include the administration of the Institute and the direction of its faculty.

10.1  Board & Trustees

10.2  Ethics & Disclosure

10.3  Conflict of Interest

10.4  Policy on Research Misconduct

10.5  Drug Free Workplace Policy

10.6 University Subsidiaries, Technology Transfer and Joint Ventures

10.7 Record Retention Policy

10.8.1 Patent Policy

10.8.2 Copyright Policy

10.9 Formulation and Issuance of University Policies

10.10 Policy on Legal Process and Document Preservation

10.11 Minors on Campus