60.5.8 Stevens Announcements Policy
Approval Authority: Chief Financial Officer
Responsible Executive: Procurement Director
Responsible Office: Procurement Director
Originally Issued: March 1, 2006


Policy Statement

This policy establishes specific guidelines and procedures for making a Stevens announcement request through [email protected] All individuals requesting a Stevens-wide e-mail distribution must comply with the conditions and procedures that are outlined in this document for formulating, issuing, and approving a Stevens announcement. Stevens announcements should only be used to carry out the instructional, research, or educational mission of the Institute. Advocacy messages, advertisements, solicitations, and all similar messages may not be distributed via the Stevens e-mail announcement process.

Reason/Purpose for Policy

Announcements distributed through Stevens electronic mail must pertain directly to the instructional, research, or educational mission of Stevens. It is therefore critical that all electronic announcements are centrally distributed and approved by the appropriate Stevens official

Who Should Read Policy or Policy Applies To:

This policy applies to all Stevens faculty and staff.

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Director of Procurement

Office of Development/External Relations

The Policy

The use of Stevens electronic e-mail system for large-scale announcements, such as events, notices, and newsletters to a general segment of the Institute are to be coordinated and approved by authorized officials within the originating department and approved by the appropriate vice president, dean, director, and department head. The purpose of this coordination and policy is to:

  • Avoid dissemination of overlapping or conflicting information.
  • Provide guidelines for issuing announcements through the Stevens e-mail system.
  • Ensure proper coordination and approvals within the departments.
  • Provide a simple and consistent means of identifying acceptable and unacceptable announcements.
  • Assure that the proper electronic mailing lists (Distribution Levels) are used.

ALL announcements must adhere to the following guidelines:

All announcements should be thoroughly proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation and accuracy, especially for dates, times and places. Announcements will be released "AS IS". The integrity of the message is your responsibility.

All announcements should be as brief as possible.

All announcements must include the following:

Target Audience (staff, faculty, etc?or a combination from the distribution list)

Title (e.g., "The Melting Artic" ? Talk by NY Times Reporter)

Body of the message (If you are requesting responses to your message, make sure to include an email address and/or phone number)

Date announcement is to be released.

All announcements must pertain to the instructional, research, or educational mission of Stevens. Announcements for events not directly related to Stevens will not be released. Announcements of a "Personal" nature (promoting your favorite charity event, soliciting commentary, etc?) will not be released.

All announcements must be approved and include proof of proper approval prior to dissemination to the Stevens community (see examples below).

Examples of approval levels for large-scale electronic announcements thru [email protected]:

Examples of approval levels for large-scale electronic announcements through [email protected]
OfficeContent/TypeIntended Audience
President, or designee Emergency alerts, e.g., Late openings, safety/security threat, very extreme weather, Stevens announcements ALL Faculty, Staff, the entire Stevens Community
Finance Town Hall Meetings, Policies and Procedures ALL Faculty, Staff, the entire Stevens Community
Deans Survey of all faculty re research interests or involvement in international work, special announcements of topical speakers or forums Faculty voting and Faculty invited
AVP for Student Services Reminder for grade submissions or correspondents from the Registrar?s office Faculty voting, Faculty invited and Adjuncts
Finance Announcements for payroll deadlines and schedules ALL Faculty, Staff, the entire Stevens Community
Department Heads (Academic/Administrative) Announcements for faculty seminars and new appointment ALL Faculty, Staff, the entire Stevens Community

Standard Distribution Levels:

Level 1: Faculty Voting - Individuals with a vote, including Academic Department Heads and Deans.

Level 2: Faculty Invited - Individuals who are not on the faculty but are invited to attend faculty meetings.

Level 3: Department Heads - Academic and Administrative, Department Heads and Managers.

Level 4: General List - ALL Faculty, staff, the entire Stevens Community.

Level 5: Staff - Administrative Assistant, Secretary, NO FACULTY.

Level 6: Adjuncts - All Adjunct professors.

Level 7: Emeritus - All Emeritus professors.

Level 8: Combined 1, 2 - All Faculty Voting and Faculty Invited.

Level 9: Combined 1, 2, 3 - All Faculty Voting, Faculty Invited and Department Heads.

Level 10: Combined 1, 3 - Faculty Voting and Department Heads.

(Vice presidents, deans, directors, and department heads of major units, or their designees may approve the creation and use of distribution levels and can approve announcements on either a standing or ad hoc basis, in accord with this policy.)


The following steps are to be used when sending a message through [email protected]:

  • Review the targeted population and message content. Please refer to the distribution levels above for reference.
  • Forward a sample of the announcement to the appropriate Stevens official to obtain approval to send your message. If your request is approved, the appropriate official or designee will send you an electronic mail message authorizing the distribution.
  • After the approval has been granted, the sender must send the following items to: [email protected]:
  • a copy of the electronic mail message that contains the approval from the appropriate Stevens official, o the text of the electronic message or the attachments,

the subject that message should have,

  • a description of the target population or the distribution level, and
  • An estimate for when you want the message sent.

Upon receipt of all of the information above, the Printing office will oversee the distribution of the message. Requests for assistance with large-scale mailings or additions and changes to the distribution levels, should be directed to [email protected] or directly to Maribel Quinones (201) 216-5110.