The Faculty Senate was approved by the faculty, administration and Board of Trustees in Fall 2011, replacing the previous 4-member Faculty Council.

The role of the Faculty Senate is to “act as an advisory and consultative body to the Provost, President, and the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to the University's educational and research objectives and to facilitate coordination and the flow of information between and among the Faculty, Faculty Committees, the President, the Provost and other officers and the Board of Trustees of the Institute.”

The Faculty Senate is concerned with academic freedom, academic integrity, and the overall quality of the Institute’s educational and research programs. It may make recommendations to the appropriate persons or bodies within the Institute. Among other things, the senate participates in the strategic planning activities of the Institute, supervises revisions to the faculty handbook, oversees faculty committees and ensures the well-being of the faculty in matters pertaining to the Institute.

20.5.1  Faculty Senate

20.5.2  Committees of the Faculty

20.5.3  Faculty Service with the Institute Board of Trustees