The Office of the Provost provides academic administration toward achieving the overarching vision outlined in the strategic plan: “to become a premier, student-centric technological research university." The following are the core goals:

  • Administrative assistance to ensure that the students receive a broad-based, multidisciplinary learning experience in the sciences, engineering, business and liberal arts with emphasis on the fundamental concepts, techniques and attitudes that underlie different branches of technology.
  • Assist the Office of the Provost in the development of academic leadership and research communities based on trans-disciplinary collaboration leading world-class research with a distinct impact in focused areas of national importance.


20.1  Faculty Handbook

20.2  Affirmative Action Policy & Compliance

20.3  Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Bias Incidents

20.4  Conflict of Interest

20.5  Faculty Governance

20.6  Policy on Research Misconduct

20.7  Policy on Endowed Chairs and Professorships

20.8 Policy on Joint Appointment of Faculty

20.9 Policy on WebCampus Complaints

20.10 Policy on Student Privacy Rights (FERPA Policy)

20.11 Policy on Allocation of Cost of Graduate Student Compensation


21.1 Guidelines and Procedures for External Peer Review of Academic Departments

21.2 Guidelines for the Review and Continuous Improvement of Academic Leadership